If you follow the instructions in Installation (using pip) most of these requirements should be installed for you.

Python requirements:

  • Python 2 >= 2.6 or Python 3 >= 3.3
  • Argparse >= 1.2.1 (Or >= Python 2.7)
  • Flask >= 0.10.1
  • Mutagen >= 1.25.1
  • SimpleJSON >= 3.5.2
  • SQLAlchemy >= 0.9.4

In addition to the libraries above, you’ll need a WSGI compatible server to run the Avalon Music Server. Gunicorn or uWSGI are both excellent choices. The rest of the documentation will assume you are using Gunicorn since that is what the reference install of the Avalon Music Server uses.

By default, the Avalon Music Server uses a SQLite database to store music meta data. If you wish to use another database type supported by SQLAlchemy (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL) you’ll need to install an appropriate library for it.

For example, to install a PostgreSQL driver.

$ pip install psycopg2

Or a MySQL driver.

$ pip install mysql-python